AZTEC is the Events production team hosting MAYA festivals, our mission is to promote the sustainability of life. We are a group of passionate musicians, performers, technicians, artistic and creative people. We come together to promote information and education about climate change, with knowledge and skill sharing to reduce carbon emissions. We encourage a better world with peace, love and unity as our motto. Our family friendly events include a wide range of activities and workshops for children.


Stage and tent decorated throughout with Aztec designs and images. Our team of artists have produced original artwork along with large printed banners of Aztec themes. Our crew have amazing costumes. We are also currently making a totem poll carved from a tree trunk.

Aztec sound system is one of the main attractions. The speakers themselves have been spectacularly painted to represent Aztec style pyramids. We projection map onto the white horn fronts for an impressive visual effect. The Tasco Harwell PA is a classic refurbished sound system from the 80’s. It consists of the best components and process for an incredible sonic experience, it is two stacks each consisting of 3 bass per side and 3-way tops, cardioid sub array and frontfill. 6-way coaxial monitor wedges. digital desk, mics and backline & DJ rig.