Maya Climate Change Awareness Gathering

8 September – 9 September 2018
8 Sept at 12:00 to 9 Sept at 17:00

Venue: The Space

257 London Rd, Glasgow G40 1PE

Organic Vegan Food
Repair Cafe – Electronics, Clothing and Toys
Eco workshops and cinema
Climate conversations and speeches
Enviroment information stalls
Music and drama groups

Maya fundraiser on Saturday night
Mocktail bar
Live music and Rave
Sweet Aerobics
Virtual Reality
Natural Therapies
Rickshaw taxis

aztec flier

aztec flier

Climate change is upon us, we need to prevent climate change getting worse before it is too late for us. There are many realistic opportunities to reverse the damage we have done for our future. Renewable energy sources is the only way! MAYA promote this positive lifestyle through our actions and at our environmental events and festivals. We are 100% sustainable. All stalls need to follow our requirements of using recycled materials only and renewable energy sources. This includes recycled clothing stalls and a vast array of artisans, jewellery stalls, etc. At our festivals we will promote a change towards a positive and sustainable way of life, throughout, flyers can also be found at our information stalls.

Production Team


As a team of passionate musicians, performers, technicians, artistic and creative people, our mission is to promote the enjoyment and sustainability of life. To come together and dance for a better world with peace, love and unity. We promote information and education with knowledge and skill sharing. Family friendly stage, many of our crew have kids and bring their families!

A little bit about me 

Kris – Soundman & DJ

Sound engineer and system technician, over twenty years experience working within the music industry. He worked with major artists mixing FOH before going on to form Aztec Sound.  

My name is kris, I have been a vegetarian since my teenage years, now eating organic only diet. My understanding in nutritional values stems from my time as a Chef in fine dining, being passionate about healthy eating as well, is why all our food is all good quality, organic and vegan food made to high standards.

I am an environmental campaigner with strong beliefs in the use of renewable and natural energy, human and animal rights activist. I genuinely believe in the power of natural healing (Meditation, Nutrition: Mercola (links) vitamin d (links)) and alternative medicines (rife machine -link-, Earthing -link-)I would consider myself a herbal medicine practitioner, having healed myself from cancer.

Having playing the guitar since I was a teenager I can see and understand the value of music and sound. I am still to this day making music. I have had the privilege of experiencing many scenes, swept along in the 90’s free party scene, reclaim the streets protest, London squat parties and teknivals in Europe. My music experience is vast, ranging from working in music production in top London’s venues (See CV) (Millennium dome, etc) to gigging and touring with the top artists (Aphex Twin, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Shen Yun).